Discover Spain as a Spanish

Discover Spain as a Spanish

One of the demands that I hear the most on a daily basis to our customers (I bet you too) is:

They always offer the same thing! I want something different!

We are well aware and that is why we have a goal:


It is no secret that in Spain the sun shines, we have miles of coast to explore, we like spending time with our friends, meeting our family (a family joining with less than 20 relatives is not a proper one), we love eating and drinking outside, at the bars, restaurants… and if you come to visit, your Spanish friend will always try to impress you by making a Spanish omelets, a paella dish, or just offering an Iberian ham portion and a good wine.

But above all, we like to party.

I’m going to talk about all this, I’m going to explain why Spain is a vital country, welcoming and cosmopolitan.

I will talk about our festivities, culture and art, but my desire is that you may know another Spain.

Have you tried Spanish omelet? It is delicious, but it is more interesting if you learn to cook it by your own, we have grandma´s trick, although it is true that all the grandmothers of Spain are proud of having the best trick to make it perfect.

Fallas in Valencia

If you have been at Falles in Valencia (the term Falles refers to both the celebration and the monuments created during the celebration) your retina won´t forget the performance, nor your skin if you get too close to it… but ¿have you ever built a falle by your own hands? Nobody will be able to say that you’re not Valencian one after that.

Have you ever been at the Carnival of Cadiz?

We will see what we dress up as later, but before, we are going to sing their famous Chirigotas (musical parodies) and tune one of their carriages.

Fun is guaranteed because natives have a reputation of being the most “hilarious” people of Spain but you do not ever say that Carnival of Rio de Janeiro (or any other, including Spain) is better than their Carnival… if you do not want to die struck down by his gaze.

What would it go best with a good glass of Rioja wine?

Of course with a good ham and Manchego cheese snack, but certainly it may taste better after collecting the grapes. Then rolling up your sleeves, getting into the winepress and trampling on the grapes until the juice comes up. It is a very nice and addictive massage for your feet.


In Seville, the world stops when the Easter arrives. It is the closest thing to enter into a time tunnel and appear a millennium ago. Helping Easter brethren with the preparations and rituals is a ticket for this trip to the past and be absolutely stunned.

Holy Week in Seville

Holy Week in Seville

There is nothing more exciting than working on a new product, prepared and ready to excite your customer.

We know how complicated may be to maintain high standards, when you attempt to surprise, motivate, amuse, make stunning and innovative tours and that they inspire. It is what we do best!

Good news is that it can be!! and process is also stimulating if it boasts the advantage that:

You have experience, you know the sector, you are creative, professional, you increase the work enjoyment on a daily basis, you investigate and you are always willing to strolling through the streets.

Last but not least, actively listening to your customers, suppliers, professionals, friends, even to the fruit seller from your regular market or the bartender from the bar you frequent.

Keep your eyes open wide and intuition developed to not miss any opportunity to follow sensitized to those who trust in your agency.

From this “spirit”, what for us behind the scenes call “Spirit Reinventur” we invite you to stay close, we are going to tell useful things that will be of interest.

So in order you start practicing, Dictionary of Spanish typical expressions our Dictionary of Spanish typical expressions to be one more, at any meeting.

Ana Alonso


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